Ojamajo CD Club Vol. 2: Ojamajo BGM Collection was produced by Bandai Music Entertainment and released on July 21st 1999. The CD contains a selection of background music used for the show.


  1. Opening Ojamajo Carnival!! (TV Size) (オープニング「おジャ魔女カーニバル!!」 (TVサイズ))
  2. Kyou mo Genki ni Ittemiyo! (今日も元気にいってみよう! Let's Be Cheerful Again Today!)
  3. Pretty Witch Doremi-chi (プリチー・ウィッチー・どれみッチー)
  4. Ojama ni Daikatsuyaku! (おジャ魔に大活躍! Ojama Stellar Performance!)
  5. Pretty Witch Hazuki-chi (プリチー・ウィッチー・はづきッチー)
  6. Suteki na MAHO-Dou (ステキなMAHO堂 Wonderful MAHO-Dou)
  7. Pretty Witch Aiko-chi (プリチー・ウィッチー・あいこッチー)
  8. Sannen Nikumi no Nakamatachi (3年2組の仲間たち Friends of Class 3-2)
  9. Ayashii Yokan (あやしい予感 Strange Premonition)
  10. Wakuwaku Kokishi Dokidoki Daiboken (ワクワク好奇心 ドキドキ大冒険 Excited Curiosity, Heart-Racing Adventure)
  11. Sasai na Kuchigenka (ささいな口ゲンカ Trivial Argument)
  12. Yumemiru Onnanoko (夢みる女の子 Dreaming Girl)
  13. Sekai Ichi Fuko na Bishōjo? (世界いち不幸な美少女? The World's Unluckiest Beautiful Girl?)
  14. Shinpi no Majokai (神秘の魔女界 Mysterious Witch World)
  15. Chikara wo Awasete! (力をあわせて! Gather Our Powers!)
  16. Happy Lucky Minna ni To~doke! (ハッピー ラッキー みんなにと~どけ! Wish Happiness and Lucky to Everyone)
  17. Ending 「Kitto Ashita wa」 (TV Size) (エンディング「きっと明日は」Certainly Tomorrow (TVサイズ))


  • This album had a second run on July 6th, 2005 as a limited press edition, with only 5,000 copies for sale.
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