A time-limited Ojamajo Doremi-themed cafe was open at the Village Vanguard Cafe from April 18, 2017, to May 14, 2017. Due to high demand, they decided to keep it open until June 4; they also added a second menu.

On December 13th, 2017, a new Ojamajo Cafe was announced to open with a new menu at two different locations. The first venue will be open from January 12th to February 25th, 2018 at Harajuku Box Cafe & Space in Tokyo, and the second venue will open afterward at Abeno Q's Mall in Osaka from March 7th to 27th, 2018.

At the Ojamajo Doremi 20th Anniversary ~Magical Stage~ stage presentation on March 23, 2019, a third Ojamajo Cafe was announced to open in summer 2019. The location of this cafe has not been confirmed.


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Village Vanguard Cafe

Image Product Name Price (Tax Excluded)
DoremiFood The Steak seen in Doremi's Dreams ¥1,880
HazukiFood Hazuki's Omelette made from the Broken Egg ¥1,780
AikoFood Naniwa Daughter Aiko's Grilled Pork ¥1,680
OnpuFood Actress Wisdom! Onpu's Salad Plate ¥1,680
MomoFood Momoko's Authentic American Pizza ¥1,780
Desdoremi Doremi's Strawberry Bavarian Cream ¥780
Deshazuki Hazuki's One Press! Sand Cookie Orange ¥780
Desaiko Aiko's Special Takoyaki ¥780
Desonpu Onpu's Colored Ice Cream Plate ¥980
Desmomo Strawberry Tart ¥980
Desojamajo Witch Apprentice Tap Dessert Plate ¥980
Des2 Tourbillon-style Roll Cake* ¥780
Des1 Spinach and Tomato Cake* ¥980
Drink Ojamajo Sparkling ¥680
Drink1 Majorika's Matcha Coffee Latte ¥580
Drink2 Hana-chan's Coffee Latte ¥580
Doremidrink Cranberry Sparkling* ¥680
Hazukidrink Grenadine Orange Juice* ¥680
Aikodrin Blue Calpis Float* ¥680
Onpudrink Grape Yogurt* ¥680
Momodrink Apple Sparkling* ¥680

* - This product was added when the cafe's deadline was extended on May 15.

Tokyo & Osaka Cafe

Image Product Name Price (Tax Excluded)
Ojamajocafe menu img 1 The Happiest Pretty Girl in the World; Doremi's Steak Plate ¥1,590
Ojamajocafe menu img 2 Hazuki's "Funny" Idea Chiffon Cake ¥1,890
Ojamajocafe menu img 3 Pot Magistrate Aiko's Kansai-style Set of Pots ¥1,490
Ojamajocafe menu img 4 Special that Mama made ♡ Sandwiches for Onpu the Child Idol ¥1,290
Ojamajocafe menu img 5 Momoko and Majomonroe's Meatball Pasta ¥1,290
Ojamajocafe menu img 6 "Hana-chan began to eat vegetables" Parfait ¥1,290
Ojamajocafe menu img 7 My Beloved Tourbillon ¥1,690
Ojamajocafe menu img 10 Majorika's Magical Cotton Candy Soda ¥980
Ojamajocafe menu img 9 2 Hana-chan's Warm Yuzu Milk* ¥890
Ojamajocafe menu img 8 Sweet House Maho-dō Cocoa ¥690

*A special Hana-chan charm will be received for ordering this product.

Ojamajo Doremi Cafe and Kitchen

Image Product Name Price (Tax Excluded)
OjamajoC&KFood1 Doremi's Yearning! Steak Sandwich ¥1,490
OjamajoC&KFood2 Momoko's Memories of New York... Meatball Salad Pasta ¥1,290
OjamajoC&KDessert1 Ojamajo Doremi 20th Birthday Cake ¥1,190
OjamajoC&KDessert2 Witch Apprentice Rainbow Pancake ¥1,190
OjamajoC&KDessert3 My Beloved Tourbillon Parfait ¥1,390
OjamajoC&KDrink1 Onpu's Purple Tapioca Milk ¥ 790
OjamajoC&KDrink2 Aiko's Blue Lemonade Float ¥ 890
OjamajoC&KDrink3 Hazuki's Orange Mint Tea ¥ 690
OjamajoC&KDrink4 Hana-chan's Baby Bottle Milk Tea ¥ 990


Village Vanguard Cafe

Image Product Name Price (Tax Excluded)
Stand1 Acrylic Stand n/a
Coaster Coaster n/a
Acrylic Key Holder ¥680
Double Pocket Clear File ¥500
Button Badges ¥350
Folding Note ¥600
Apron* n/a
Shirts T-shirt* ¥5,800
Clear Double Pocket Clear File* ¥500
Bag Lunch Bag* ¥1,600
Bag2 Lunch Bag* ¥2,000

* - This product was added when the cafe's deadline was extended on May 15.

Tokyo & Osaka Cafe

Image Product Name Price (Tax Excluded)
Ojamajocafe web goods 5 Acrylic Key Holder ¥600
Ojamajocafe web goods 4 Acrylic Coaster ¥780
Ojamajocafe web goods 3 Button Badge ¥350
Ojamajocafe web goods 7 Pouch ¥850
Ojamajocafe web goods 2 Punipuni-kan Mirror ¥850
Ojamajocafe web goods 6 Clear File Set ¥700
Ojamajocafe web goods 8 Die-cut Sticker A ¥350
Ojamajocafe web goods 9 Die-cut Sticker B ¥350
Ojamajocafe web goods 10 Die-cut Sticker C ¥350
Ojamajocafe web goods 1 BIC Ballpoint Pen* ¥410

* - This product wasn't available for purchase until January 21st.

Ojamajo Doremi Cafe and Kitchen

Image Product Name Price (Tax Excluded)
OjamajoC&KKeyChain Acrylic Key Chain* ¥600
OjamajoC&KCanBadges Can Badge* ¥350
OjamajoC&KCoasters Acrylic Coaster* ** ¥750
OjamajoC&KAcrylicBadges Acrylic Badge* ¥650
OjamajoC&KMagnets Acrylic Magnet* ¥600






Acrylic Stand ¥1,200
OjamajoC&KStickyNotes Macaroon-styled Sticky Notes ¥650
OjamajoC&KTape Masking Tape ¥800
OjamajoC&KFile Clear File ¥700
OjamajoC&KPhoneCover iPhone Case ¥2,500
OjamajoC&KPouch Clear Pouch** ¥1,500



Towel Handkerchief ¥1,000
OjamajoC&KBag Lunch Tote Bag ¥1,500






Mini DURALEX Glass** ¥1,500
OjamajoC&KNotepad Rainbow Pancake Notepad ¥650

* - Variations of this product are given at random.

** - This product will become available for purchase from August 1, 2019.



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