Ojamajo DOKKA~N! CD Club Volume 6: Character Vocal Collection (Class 6-2) features character image songs for the students (and teacher) of class 6-2. It was produced by Marvelous Entertainment, Inc. and released by Vap, Inc., on 21 November 2002.

The karaoke version of Takuro Hagiwara's image song is also included on this album.


  1. Ojamajo Talk 1 (おジャ魔女トーク1)
  2. Soft Cream wo Tabenagara (Sachiko Ijuuin) (ソフトクリームを食べながら(伊集院さちこ) Eating with Soft Cream)
  3. Ojamajo Talk 2 (おジャ魔女トーク2)
  4. Owarai no Michi (SOS Trio vs. Toyoken) (お笑いの道(SOSトリオVSトヨケン) The Way of Comedy)
  5. Ojamajo Talk 3 (おジャ魔女トーク3)
  6. Flower Bed (Marina Koizumi) (フラワーベッド(小泉まりな))
  7. Ojamajo Talk 4 (おジャ魔女トーク4)
  8. Wasurenai... (Shiori Nakayama) (忘れない...(中山しおり) Don't Forget...)
  9. Ojamajo Talk 5 (おジャ魔女トーク5)
  10. Butsu Batsu Nice Guy (Shinshuu Yamauchi) (ブツバツナイスガイ(山内信秋))
  11. Ojamajo Talk 6 (おジャ魔女トーク6)
  12. Tte Yuuka, Yukka Nano (Nishizawa-sensei) (ってゆーか、優香なの(西沢先生) Or Perhaps I Should Say, Yuuka)
  13. Soft Cream wo Tabenagara (Original Karaoke) (ソフトクリームを食べながら(オリジナルカラオケ) Eating with Soft Cream (Original Karaoke))
  14. Owarai no Michi (Original Karaoke) (お笑いの道(オリジナルカラオケ) The Way of Comedy (Original Karaoke))
  15. Flower Bed (Original Karaoke) (フラワーベッド(オリジナルカラオケ))
  16. Wasurenai... (Original Karaoke) (忘れない...(オリジナルカラオケ) Don't Forget... (Original Karaoke))
  17. Butsu Batsu Nice Guy (Original Karaoke) (ブツバツナイスガイ(オリジナルカラオケ))
  18. Tte Yuuka, Yukka Nano (Original Karaoke) (ってゆーか、優香なの(オリジナルカラオケ) Or Perhaps I Should Say, Yuuka (Original Karaoke))
  19. Namida no Broken ♥ Heart (Original Karaoke) (涙のブロークン♥ハート(オリジナルカラオケ) Tears of a Broken♥Heart (Original Karaoke))
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