Ojamajo DOKKA~N! CD Club Volume 7: Ojamajo DOKKA~N! Drama Theater - MAHO-Dou's Witch World Happy-py Tour!! is a drama CD that depicts a trip to the Witch World by the Ojamajos.


  1. Prologue ~ MAHO-Dou
  2. DANCE! Ojamajo (TV Size)
  3. Iza Majokai he Shuppaatsu! (Now, Let's Depart To the Witch World!)
  4. Oyajiide no Quiz Corner Sono 1 (Oyajiide's Quiz Corner Part 1)
  5. Youkoso! Majo Youchien Hen (Welcome! Witch Kindergarten Chapter)
  6. Majogaeru no Mura he (Intermission) (Village of the Witch Frogs (Intermission) )
  7. Oyajiide no Quiz Corner Sono 2 (Oyajiide's Quiz Corner Part 2)
  8. Youkoso! Majokai Hawaiian Center Hen (Welcome! Witch World Hawaiian Center Chapter)
  9. Epilogue
  10. Watashi no Tsubasa (TV Size) (My Wings (TV Size) )
  11. Omake Corner - Ojamajo Sanpun Cooking!? (Bonus Corner - Ojamajo Three-Minute Cooking!?)
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