The third installment in the Ojamajo Doremi light novel series, released on November 30th, 2012.


Long time no see, everyone! Wait, this isn’t the time for greetings! The viral “Paris Diva” trending on the Internet right now is actually our daughter, Hana-chan! Her actions may just reveal her identity as a witch, and there’ll be so much trouble. Just what does she want? Anyway, we need to go find Hana-chan! Everyone, let’s head to Paris with Harukaze Doremi!!


  • Chapter 1 - The Paris Diva
  • Chapter 2 - I’m a manager apprentice too
  • Chapter 3 - Momoko’s rival store
  • Chapter 4 - My classmate is a new age girl
  • Chapter 5 - Our respective turning points
  • Chapter 6 - 16 years old forever
  • Interview with Matsuoka Yuki


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