Ojamajo Doremi 17 is the 4th installment in the Light Novel Series. Onpu Segawa is featured on the cover in her Season 1 apprentice uniform.

The release date was July 2nd and it came with a special drama CD to celebrate the number of copies sold for the first installment. Everyone was voiced by their original voice actors.


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My 2nd year at High School has begun. Hana-chan is back at Maho-dou and is more lively than ever. Meanwhile, it appears that Onpu-chan is being harassed by an enthusiast fan. Who could be the culprit?. In addition to that, I've got some happy news; Momo-chan has been chosen to partcipate in a pastry competition. I'll be sure to cheer for Momo-chan alongside everyone. And what will happen with my relationship with Kotake?. I, Doremi Harukaze, who am now 17 years old, will be deciding the path of my dreams and giving an all-out pitching in love as well.


  • Chapter 1 - When the Flower of Dreams is in Bloom
  • Chapter 2 - What could be Onpu’s Weakness?
  • Chapter 3 - The Similarities between Momoko and the Mademoiselle
  • Chapter 4 - The Promise made in Copenhagen
  • Chapter 5 - The Long Road towards the National
  • Chapter 6 - Farewell my Violin
  • Interview with Rumi Shishido


  • The orange 16 of the previous has now turned into a green 17.
  • Onpu is the first ojamajo shown on cover to break the "finger count" the previous three had done. 
  • The way Roro hides on the cover is reminiscent to how she used to hide during Onpu's first season appearances. She's the first fairy to appear on the light novel covers.


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