Ojamajo Doremi 17 ~Come On!~ is the 6th installment in the Light Novel Series. Hana Makihatayama is featured on the cover wearing her own personal apprentice uniform from Dokkan.

A 2nd drama CD was released alongside this installment.


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Chiisu!, Doremi Harukaze here and I'm currently 17 years old. Recently my little sister; Pop is acting pretty strange. It's a matter concerning that she's been taking piano lessons from Mom for a long time, Mom and Pop are in a big fight. Now Dad is getting involved and the inside of house is feeling restless. But once I heard Pop say to me "Onee-chan, I intend to go back to being a witch apprentice", I felt like my heart would jump straight out of my mouth...!


  • Chapter 1 - This is my Path
  • Chapter 2 - Cheerleading Club in Danger
  • Chapter 3 - No Match for Mom
  • Chapter 4 - Hana-chan and Yume-chan
  • Chapter 5 - A Challenge from the Prince
  • Interview with Ikue Ootani



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