Ojamajo Doremi 19 is the 9th installment in the Ojamajo Doremi light novel series.

The front cover shows Doremi working her new job as a teacher. The back shows her writing her name on the chalkboard, most likely to introduce herself to her students.


Doremi and her friends have all completed high school and pursue now their dreams around the world. Hazuki and Momoko are studying in Paris, Onpu in New York and Aiko and Hana remained in Japan, Tokyo, where they're studying at prestigious universities. Doremi, meanwhile, is trying to get a degree to become an elementary school teacher.


  • Chapter 1 - Onpu ~What a Wonderful World~
  • Chapter 2 - Aiko ~Blue Moon~
  • Chapter 3 - Momoko ~Madeleine~
  • Chapter 4 - Hazuki ~La Vie En Rose~
  • Chapter 5 - Doremi ~A Day in the Life~
  • Epilogue
  • Interview with Midori Kiriyama


  • This was the final installment in the light novel series until the announcement of Ojamajo Doremi 20's in 2019.


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