Ojamajo Doremi Sharp (stylized as Ojamajo Doremi #) (おジャ魔女どれみ#, Ojamajo Doremi Shāpu) is the second season of the Ojamajo Doremi anime series as well as the sequel to the first season. This season premiered the following week from the first season's conclusion on February 6, 2000, running for 49 episodes before concluding on January 28, 2001 to be succeeded by the next season; Motto! Ojamajo Doremi. The notable motifs in this season include flowers, gardening and parenting.


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Ojamajo Doremi sharp introduced many plot points, including:

  • Onpu stopped being an antagonist and joined the Ojamajos.
  • Oyajide escaped and returned to his normal wizard self.
  • The girls were put in charge of raising a baby, Hana.
  • This season introduces a Wizard group called the Flat4.
  • The Ojamajos gain two new witch forms and wands/weapons.

The season begins when the Ojamajos gloomily discuss how much they miss Majorika when they decide to come by for old time's sake and enter the Maho-Dou. But they struggle upon realizing that the witch world door is closed off until finding a note, along with an item Majorika left behind so they go to return it, not aware that the witch worlds door is now open..

Upon re-entering the witch world the girls accidentally come by a Blue rose field and witness the birth of the future witch queen: Hana-chan. Due to witnessing her birth the girls are then put in charge of baby Hana-chan and must raise her of their "mothers".

But will four ten year old girls be able to raise a baby when they're still children themselves?! Can Pop finally catch up with her older clumsy sister? Will Majorika finally turn back to normal?

When the wizards find out and become frightened by Hana-chan's powers they then plot a plan to capture the baby in the year that the Ojamajo must raise her and take back the witch world as their own!

Eventually the wizards do capture Hana-chan and the Ojamajo must risk their own lives to save their baby from the clutches of evil. Will they succeed or will they die trying to protect Hana-chan?

Magic Items

The newest tap is a upgraded version of the previous one. It takes the shape of a flower to match the seasons theme and instead of hitting each note individually, the apprentice must tap it in the spots they want the outfit piece to appear. Broom and Wand summoning still works the same however.

Magic seeds: Instead of using magic beads the apprentice will use Magic Seeds, which are more powerful versions of the Beads. They come in the form of a music note and while stored in the tap, must be grown from the magic plant. Which is a very hard to raise tree only found in the witch world and is very rare to come by.

Hana-chan's hair beads: The Ojamajo's crystal balls are these, used for Hana-chan so that she may develop her own Crystal Ball eventually.

Kururin caller

Kururin Call: A cell phone run by magic that takes exactly one Magic Seed to use. The top is styled like a rotating phone with the spinner part being a flower with rainbow colored numbers. The phone itself works like a cell phone and comes on a thin golden string/chain.

The royal patraine computer: Somewhat of a upgraded form of the Pureleine computer. It can track Hana-chan with the brooch she was given. The yousei can also be shot into it and it still can hold Oyajide inside.

Patraine call: Its almost exactly the same as the Kururin Call. The ojamajo can send their yousei inside and transfer magic through it. It is also useful as it allows the Ojamajo to use magical stage and not have to be in the same place. The coloring is pastel yellow and pink 


with a red music note in the center, gold and pink detailing and a screen on the top piece.

Royal seeds: Much like the Magic seeds. These are the ultimate form of them and are much rarer. Two are needed at a time to use the Wreath Poron.

Picot Pollon- Much like how the tap changed for the flower theme. The wand got a flowery theme as well. The magic seeds go through a slot and the magic cast from the spinning top piece, much like the previous season.

Wreath Pollon- After becoming Pureleine the Ojamajo received this Pollon. Its in the shape of a wreath.

It cost two seeds to cast a spell. And while it does this, the whole thing spins.

Apprentice Uniform

For more detailed info regarding uniforms please view: Apprentice uniforms

The ojamajo gain two apprentice uniforms in this season, making it the first time they gain two outfits. Both of which fit the flowery theme of the season.The first being their primary colors, much like season one, while the  second being almost pure white with dull pastel shades matching the girls theme color.

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  • Sharp is the only season not to introduce a new witch apprentice. Unless one would count Onpu who was originally an antagonist in the previous season. It does however, introduce Hana-chan, who became an apprentice during season four.
  • It is the only season to have its title not in word but in symbolics. The sharp symbol for music is used.
  • Sharp was the most successful season in terms of sales, with 7.6 billion yen made from merchandising.


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