Ojamajo Doremi # Mahou-dou Dance Carnival! was the first video game for the Ojamajo Doremi series. It developed by Chime and released by Bandai for the PlayStation as part of the Kids Station line-up.

An alternative packet of the game was also released which came bundled with a larger controller pad to make the game easier to play for young children.


To play the game the player uses a four piece pad with the PlayStation symbols on it: ×, ○, △, and □.

The game itself resembles a rhythm game where you must hit the right buttons in time with the ones shown on screen.

Once you pick your character and the rival, the two would compete while music plays. Whoever scores the most wins the game. After clearing the current difficulty, you can go to the next one.






  • The girls are not shown in normal outfits outside of cutscenes; this is one of the only games with such a feature. 
  • ​This is the only 'Ojamajo Doremi' game to be released for the ryhthm genre.
  • This game features screenplay work by Akatsuki Yamatoya.
  • Pop's transformation and spell scenes feature the soundtrack used for the older girls in 'Sharp'.


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