The Ojamajo Doremi Shop is a time-limited goods shop that was open from March 17, 2017, to April 5, 2017, on the third floor of the 'Ikebukuro PARCO' shopping mall. During that period, Customers could receive a special poster for every 3,000 yen spent. There were six in total and they were randomly given. 

Limited Base announced on December 13th, 2017 that the Ojamajo Doremi Shop would reopen from January 12th to February 7th, 2018, now titled 'Ojamajo Doremi Shop Part 2' at the PARCO malls in Ikebukuro, Nagoya, and Matsumoto. However, the event ended early at Matsumoto PARCO on February 4th. This time, customers would be randomly given one of six special post-cards for each time 3,000 yen spent, similar to the previous event.

On December 13th, 2018, a third event titled 'Ojamajo Doremi Shop Part 3' was announced to take place from January 12th to February 7th at Ikebukuro PARCO and Namba Marui to commemorate the franchise's 20th anniversary. Like the previous event, customers will randomly receive one of eight postcards for every 3,000 spent.


Picture Product Description Price (Tax
Item01 box Premium Music Box A music box that plays the melody of Ojamajo Carnival!!. ¥22,000
Item02 box Canvas Art A canvas art featuring the official artwork from the event which was drawn by Yoshihiko Umakoshi. ¥3,000
Ojamajo shop2 Teaspoon Set of 5 A case containing 5 gold spoons each with the series' symbol at the top of the handle in the respective colors of red, orange, blue, purple and yellow. ¥3,200
Ojamajoshop3 Sparkling Ballpoint Pen A ballpoint pen with miniscule gemstones inside it and a design featuring the silhouettes of Doremi, Hazuki, Aiko, Onpu and Momoko.

5 different colors are available which include pink, orange, blue, purple, and yellow. However, all variations write in black ink.

Ojamajo shop1 Charm A charm accessory based on the Sharp season, featuring a Rhythm Tap and Picotto Polon. It is ideally attached to a bag or key set. ¥1,400



Compact Case A compact case decorated with silhouettes of the Ojamajo's Fairies, as well as hearts, flowers, the series symbol, and music notes. The inside has the series logo in gold.

Two different variations are available, one with a white background and the other with a black background.




Scrunchie A scrunchie decorated with silhouettes of the Ojamajo's Fairies, as well as various shapes.

Two different variations are available, one black made from satin fabric and the other brown made from twill fabric.

Ojamajoshop6 Masking Tape Two different designs of masking tape; one with the silhouettes of Doremi, Hazuki, Aiko, Onpu, Momoko in matching theme colored half-spheres that feature a variety of patterns and an image of their fairy. While the other features the various Polons and Taps from the series. ¥550*
Item09 box Merch Bag A merch bag featuring the silhouettes of the Doremi, Hazuki, Aiko, Onpu, Momoko, their Fairies, music notes, and stars. ¥1,200
Ojamajoshop9 Hoodie A hoodie featuring the same design from the merch bag, ¥4,800
Ojamajoshop17 Small Badge Set A set of 30 different badges featuring various screenshots from the anime. ¥250
Ojamajoshop8 Clear Notebook A clear notebook featuring the main cast on the front and back cover. ¥550
Item13 box Card Sticker A series of card-shaped stickers, featuring the artwork for the event, Onpu's fan club member card, and a pastel one featuring silhouettes of Doremi, Hazuki, Aiko, Onpu, and Momoko in their theme colors with a matching fairy one next to it. ¥1,200
Ojamajoshop12 Chocolate Lolly-Shaped Rubber Straps Rubber Straps shaped like Chocolate heart Lollies, each depicting the girls in hamster form with a ribbon beneath her. ¥600*
Ojamajoshop14 Acrylic Key Holder A series of six keychains based on each girl and baby Hana from the official event artwork. ¥900*




Rubber Coaster A series of three coasters, each one in the shape of the Apprentice Tap, Rhythm Tap, or Parara Tap. ¥850*



iPhone Case

Two different iPhone cases featuring glittery elements. One is pink with a cookie pattern, some of which were glittery. In the middle is a large drawing of the Sweet Pollon, filled with glitter.

The other has a diamond pattern featuring the girls' colors alternating with glittery diamonds. In the middle is the Cologne Tap with glitter behind the gems.

Ojamajoshop11 Portable Phone Charger Two phone charges, one featuring the event's official artwork, the other features a light cream background with a pattern of the girls in hamster form, along with various colored shapes. ¥4,800*
Ojamajoshop7 Card Case Five different card cases, each themed after Doremi, Hazuki, Aiko, Onpu, or Momoko. The front features an image of her Motto dress, while the back has a pattern of stripes and the Parara Tap in her theme colors, accented by white and gold. The front and back both have a decorative border and a ribbon design on the spine. ¥2,980*
Ojamajoshop13 AC Adapter Five adaptors featuring the girls in hamster form with her name written on top. ¥1,350*



Heat Changing Mug

A white mug with a black image of the girls in their Motto profile artwork, surrounded by stars and music notes. When heated, the drawings turn pink and reveal them in their witch uniforms, along with Hana-chan, Majorika, and Lala.




Clear File Two clear files, one based on the event's official artwork with an orange paint drip design on the back.

The other features the girls in hamster form on a colorful sparkly and bubble background and Motto Ojamajo Doremi written on the corner.




Pakapaka Case Two white cases, one featuring official Motto witch uniform artwork of the girls, each in her theme color surrounded by a bar of music and pale pastel dots. The other features their fairies surrounding the Motto logo. ¥900
Ojamajoshop Majorika Stuffed Toy A stuffed Majorika toy wearing her crystal ball. She has a silver ball chain on her head. ¥1,200







Special Poster One of the special six posters, five of which features one of the girls with a paint dot background and the series logo on the corner. The sixth featured Hana-chan with Majorika and Lala and had a variety of colors in the background. ¥3,000

Picture Product Description Price (Tax
Ojamajoshop2-2 Otedama Dolls A series of six rounded plush with simplified faces and arms. Included are Doremi, Hazuki, Aiko, Onpu, Momoko, and baby Hana. ¥650*







Witch Apprentice Clothes Charm Six Dokkan charms on a gold loop with a chain connected to a heart-shaped clasp. On the side is a separate gold charm with one of the girls drawn on it. One of the charms features Hana's uniform.  ¥1,200*
OjamajoShop2 Tape Masking Tape Two different designs of masking tape, one features the Ojamajos, Majorika, and Lala while the other features the Ojamajo's Fairies. ¥550*
Ojamajoshop2-1 Acrylic Key Holder Six acrylic keychains depicting the group in their witch uniforms, based on the events official art. ¥900*
OjamajoShop2 Rubber Rubber Coaster A rubber coaster of the Cologne Tap. ¥850*

OjamajoShop2 Charger

OjamajoShop2 Charger2

Portable Phone Charger Two Chargers, one featuring the events official artwork with a pale, colorful dot background. The other is white with a pattern of the various Taps and Pollon. At the middle is Ojamajo Doremi written in pink to match the border on the top and bottom. The top features the six witch hats, while the bottom features the corresponding boots. ¥ 4,800*
Ojamajoshop2-pouch Zip Pouch A white pouch with the series symbol on a gold zipper pull. At the middle is the group profile silhouettes surrounded by details, one side in witch uniforms, the other in their normal outfits. ¥ 2,000
Ojamajoshop2-badge Smile Badge Set A set of fifteen badges, featuring each girl, along with Pop in two different poses in both witch and normal style. The fifteenth features Majorika. ¥400*
OjamajoShop2 Bag Merch Bag A beige bag with Doremi's quote "I Am The Unhappiest Pretty Girl In The Whole World!" written in the center, surrounded by detail. Ojamajo Doremi is written beneath it. ¥1,400
Ojamajoshop2-oyajide Oyajide Stuffed Toy A stuffed toy featuring Oyajide in his alternate form. ¥1,500
OjamajoShop2 Cushion Witch Apprentice Tap Cushion A round cushion based on the Apprentice Tap. The opposite side has the series logo written on it. ¥2,800
Ojamajoshop2-mug Heat Changing Mug A white mug with a black dot, music note, and star border surrounding the girls, Majorika, and Lala. When warmed up it turns pink and changes the image to reveal them in their uniforms. ¥1,800
OjamajoShop2 Biscuit2 Box of Millet Sandwiches A light pink box of sandwich cookies featuring the Motto logo and the girls in their Motto Patissier profile poses standing outside of the shop. Around the bot are stars and music notes. ¥800

OjamajoShop2 CanvasArt

OjamajoShop2 CanvasArt2

Canvas Art A pair of canvas arts based on the official artwork for the event. ¥3,000*

OjamajoShop2 ClearFile

OjamajoShop2 ClearFile2

Clear File Clear files featuring a rainbow background with the event artwork over it. ¥800

OjamajoShop2 SoupCan

OjamajoShop2 SoupCan2

Soup Can A white rounded can with a drawing done in dark pink depicting the Sweet Shop Maho-do, along with cookies. ¥2,300
OjamajoShop2 Postcards Special Postcard A set of six postcards, each featuring one of the girls in her event image pose. On the lower corner is the series logo, and the background is pastel-colored. ¥3,000

Picture Product Description Price (Tax
OjamajoShop3 Otedama Otedama Dolls Three plush dolls to go with the second events set, this time based on Majorika, grown Hana-chan, and Pop. ¥650*
OjamajoShop3 Pins 20th Anniversary Pins Set A set of six pins, five of which are based on the taps. The sixth is a dark pink Doremi head with Ojamajo written in gold, a gold music note, and a 20 written on her right hair bun. ¥4,000
OjamajoShop3 Watch 20th Anniversary Pocket Watch A gold pocket watch with the 20th anniversary Doremi logo on it. The inside has the Apprentice Tap drawn in the center, and the numbers are written in pink. ¥8,600
OjamajoShop3 KeyHolders Acrylic Key Holders Nine acrylic keychains, each based on the event's artwork featuring a girl and her fairy, with Pao added to Hana's. There is also one for baby Hana, and one for Majorika and Lala. ¥900*
OjamajoShop3 Coaster Rubber Coasters A rubber coaster based on the inside of Hana's tap. ¥850*
OjamajoShop3 Fairies Fairy Stuffed Toys

Seven plush keychains, each based on Dodo, Rere, Mimi, Roro, Nini, Fafa, and Toto.

OjamajoShop3 PenCase Aurora Pen Case A pale water marble colored pouch with a pink zipper strap and pull. Metallic pink, orange, yellow, blue, purple, and white music notes cover it, with a white design in the center surrounding a silhouette of Doremi. ¥2,500
OjamajoShop3 Badges Shop Visual Pin Badges Twenty-eight pin badges based on the girls, Majorika, Pao, and their fairies in poses from the three-event artworks. ¥400*

OjamajoShop3 Tape

OjamajoShop3 Tape2

Masking Tape Two sets of tape, one featuring a pale colorful dot background and a pattern of colorful 20th anniversary Doremi heads. The other features a pale colorful gradient background with the group in the events' official artwork. ¥550*
OjamajoShop3 Notepad Notepad A notepad with the group on the front. Inside are eight different page types, each featuring the girl in the same pose, with the background colored to match her. ¥800
OjamajoShop3 Mug Visual Changing Mug A color change mug with a black drawing of the girls that alternates to them in season one witch uniforms. Hana is shown aging from baby to her older form.  ¥600
OjamajoShop3 Towel Hand Towel A colorful diamond tile fabric with pastels featuring the 20th-anniversary logo, the series symbol, stars, and taps. ¥1,800
OjamajoShop3 Bag Lunch Tote Bag A pale-colored tote with a dark pink tap at the middle, surrounded by stars and dots. Beneath it is a banner with OJAMAJO written on it. ¥800
OjamajoShop3 Campus Campus Art A canvas based on official artwork of the girls in the original uniforms, along with their fairies, Hana in baby form, Majorika, and Lala, everyone making a peace sign or holding up two fingers. ¥3,000
OjamajoShop3 File Clear File A soft pink background with white lace designs, one side features the official artwork while the other side has the 20th anniversary Doremi logo. ¥350
OjamajoShop3 Stands Acrylic Stand Collection** 30 different acrylic stands featuring all of the students from 3-2 which also includes Doremi, Hazuki, Aiko, and Onpu. ¥600*
OjamajoShop3 MahoDoPostcards MAHO-Dō Postcard Set** A set of 4 different postcards, each featuring MAHO-Dō in its respective appearance from each season. ¥500
OjamajoShop3 Magnets Acrylic Magnets** 9 different acrylic magnets featuring all the Polons, including Hana-chan's wristbands. ¥500*
OjamajoShop3 Seals Ojamajo Seals** A sticker sheet featuring all the Taps and Pollons, the Ojamajo's fairies, and the 20th-anniversary logo in 8 different colors. ¥500
OjamajoShop3 Postcards Special Postcard A set of eight postcards, each with the girl and her fairy. Hana has Pao on it, and there is one featuring baby Hana, Majorika, and Lala.

On February 2nd, Limited Base announced that the distribution of the postcards has ended.[1]


Picture Product Description Price (Tax
OjamajoShop4 Badge Badge Set A set of 6 badges, each featuring a girl with a border and music notes in her color scheme. On the lower corner is her name. ¥400
OjamajoShop4 Keychain Acrylic Key Holder 6 acrylic charms featuring the girls in various poses, each with a silver chain. ¥900
OjamajoShop4 AcrCharm Acrylic Charms 9 acrylic charms in the shape of a colored flower with a silver chain. Each one consists of a girl and her fairy, as well as Hana in baby form, Hana with Pao, and Majorika and Lala. ¥600
OjamajoShop4 EmbBrooch Embroidered Brooch 3 brooches, each with a unique design. One consists of Doremi flying through the evening sky with gold music notes, stars, and a design. Another is purple with Majorika surrounded by gold designs, and a pale pink brooch with a tap surrounded by designs. ¥750
OjamajoShop4 Case Pill Case A round pill case that resembles the original Tap. ¥2,000
OjamajoShop4 HairTies Hair Ties 5 hair ties consisting of two ties sewn together, one being white and the other in the girls theme color. On the bottom is a colored ribbon, and a tap charm hangs from the corner. ¥1,000
OjamajoShop4 Brush Makeup Brush Set 3 gold makeup brushes in varying size, with the white bristles tipped in color. One brush has a gold Doremi head at the middle, followed by a tap and gold music note design. The other two brushes are tipped with Doremi's two wands from the first series. ¥2,000
OjamajoShop4 HandTowel Hand Towel A white and pale pink hand towel with a pattern of music notes, sparkles, and stripes surrounding images of the various taps. ¥600
OjamajoShop4 Blanket Blanket A variation of the hand towel. ¥4,000
OjamajoShop4 Bag Kraft Paper Bag A brown paper bag with Ojamajo Doremi written in black, surrounded by music notes and the fairies. ¥2,500
OjamajoShop4 MaskingTape Masking Tape Two sets of masking tape, one featuring the girls in various poses. The other consists of a pattern of taps. ¥550
OjamajoShop4 Magnet Magnets Several magnets featuring unique official art. ¥600
OjamajoShop4 Clearfile Clear FIle ¥400

Picture Product Description Price (Tax
Popup-badge set Badge Set Desc ¥400
Popup-keychains Acrylic Key Holder Desc ¥900*
Popup-umbrellacharms Umbrella Charms Desc ¥600*
Popup-acrylicstands Acrylic Stand Collection Desc ¥600*
Popup-background Acrylic Diorama Desc ¥1,800
Popup-brooch Embroidered Brooch Desc ¥750
Popup-earrings Costume Earrings Desc ¥1,800
Popup-earrings2 Magical Earrings Desc ¥1,400
Popup-necklace Magical Necklace Desc ¥1,500
Popup-bag charms Magical Bag Charms Desc ¥1,500
Popup-pin badge Magical Pin Badges Desc ¥1,200
Popup-mirrors Heart Mirrors Desc ¥600
Popup-nail seals Nail Seals Desc ¥2,000
Popup-drawstring pouch Drawstring Pouch Desc ¥1,500
Popup-pouch Apprentice Tap Pouch Desc ¥3,000
Popup-pouch2 Square Pouch Desc ¥2,600
Popup-pouch3 Flat Pouch Desc ¥2,500
Popup-multipass case Multi-Pass Case Desc ¥2,500
Popup-smartphone case Smartphone Case Desc ¥2,500
Popup-shoulder bag Shoulder Bag Desc ¥3,500
Popup-clearfile Clear FIle Desc ¥400

* - Variations of this product are priced individually.


  • On the website for the second store, the price of the Merch Bag was mistakenly listed as ¥1200. This error would eventually be addressed and corrected.[2]
  • During the third store, Ojamajo Doremi setting materials will be exhibited at the store. The exhibition will show materials based around a certain theme, which will change each week the store is open.[3]
    1. January 11-17: Doremi Harukaze
    2. January 18-24: Hazuki Fujiwara
    3. January 25-31: Aiko Senoo
    4. February 1-7: Onpu Segawa
    5. February 8-14: Witch World
    6. February 15-21: Elementary School and Kindergarten
    7. February 22-27: Ojamajos
  • During the third store, a popular vote will be held for the Ojamajo's classmates from the first season. Participants must write down their favorite classmate, age and gender on a ballot paper and place it into the ballot box at the store.[4]
    • The results were announced at the Ojamajo Doremi 20th Anniversary ~Magical Stage~ stage presentation on March 23rd. Masaru Yada placed 1st at 694 votes, Reika Tamaki placed 2nd at 263 votes, and Tetsuya Kotake placed 3rd at 241 votes.[5]


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