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!☆☆☆ New Magic Spells ☆☆☆!
Ojamajo Doremi 20's is scheduled for release on October 2nd!

August 31, 2019

The Ojamajo Doremi Cafe & Kitchen opened in Tokyo from July 12 to August 31 and is currently open in Osaka from August 29 to September 29!

At the Ojamajo Doremi 20th Anniversary ~Magical Stage~ stage presentation, the follow information was revealed about the 20th anniversary:

A new film titled "Looking for Witch Apprentices" will be release next year.

A new installment in the novel series; Ojamajo Doremi 20's, will release in summer.

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp will get a Blu-ray release in spring next year.

A net animation series; Ojamajo Doremi: Comedy Theater, will be upload on Toei's YouTube channel.

A third Ojamajo Cafe will open this summer.

A second series of Ojamajo Doremi LINE Stickers has been released.

Ojamajo Doremi 20th anniversary events will be held in every city in Japan. The first event will held on May 17, 2019 in Fukuoka.

March 23, 2019

February 7th marks 20 years since the first episode of Ojamajo Doremi premiered in 1999.

February 7, 2019

We need help with the episode reviews!!!

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What new media collaborating the 20th anniversary are you most looking forward to?

The poll was created at 17:52 on September 15, 2019, and so far 3 people voted.

Previous Poll: What type of Ojamajo Doremi episodes do you enjoy most?

Winner: Character-focused (43 Votes)

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