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Onpu Segawa is the alternate, teenaged Onpu and character in the Ojamajo Doremi 16 light novels. Her featured book is the first novel in the Ojamajo Doremi 17.

Half a year prior to the series, Onpu mysteriously vanished after having kept constant contact with Doremi until then. She cut contact with the others, with the exception of asking Hazuki to apologize on her behalf for missing their class reunion.

With Oyajide, the girls would later find out where Onpu currently resided and paid her a visit, learning that she had been trying to take care of her mother after her stroke while attempting to get her career running again, which had suffered due to media rumors and being stuck within her "chidol" status. Initially she refused to become an apprentice again until realizing her friends needed her as well and she has since found new work.



Onpu is an average heighted girl with feminine frame and mature beauty noted by others. Her big, rectangular purple eyes match her medium-long length purple hair, which she wears loose with a very small curled side-tail. Her forelocks are chin length and appear partially curved, with several strands for bangs.

Onpu is normally found in work-related clothing, her apprentice uniform, or a feminine, floral dress.


Initially Onpu had been presented as a mysterious and untalkative girl due to the several stresses going on in her current teenage life. After losing Majoruka, who left for the witch world and was no longer her manager, she struggled to find work and had been dealing with overcoming the once desired Chidol phase of her life in order to be seen as the mature and elegant girl she had become.

She is serious about her work and handles it with little to no issue, but deep down she struggles with insecurity and constantly worries. She retains her charming and playful nature once the stresses begin to die down. 


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  • It was said at some point during the light novel series that Onpu had a boyfriend. However at the time little to no information has been revealed.


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