Pal is a young puppy owned by Kotake Tetsuya. He first appears in Episode 05, when Doremi noticed Kotake's strange behavior and found him taking care of Pal in an abandoned factory lot. 


Pal is a dull, white-colored puppy with curled fur on his cheeks, head, and his tail. He has large, sleepy brown eyes, a tiny black nose, and whiskers. His right ear hangs down and is orange-colored, while his left ear is dull brown to match the mark on his right eye.


Not much is known about Pal, other than he was found by Kotake sometime prior to Episode 05 and he had been taking care of him. While Kotake wanted to adopt Pal he was convinced his parents would say no, so he was too afraid to ask.

After realizing his fears were correct about the dangers of the factory area, Kotake decided to face his worries head-on and talked to his parents. They agreed to let him keep Pal as long as he handled it responsibly.


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