Pao is a white flying elephant whom Hana befriends in the fourth season. Pao first appears in the episode "Nice to Meet You, White Elephant!".



Pao is very sensitive and insecure because of her skin color. She used to be bullied and ignored by the other magic elephants due to it. She was also a bit stubborn. Later, as she becomes friends with Hana-chan, and comes out of her shell, her personality is shown to resemble her.

Pao loves to eat, a lot. Majorika spends a lot of money on food because of this. However, it turns out that Pao can actually poop magic balls which are very valuable in the Witch World. However, in case she is successful in absorbing the curse from the former queen, then she can generate even more valuable golden beads.


Pao is a white elephant with long and big ears, which kind of resemble Hana's hairstyle. Hana also gave her a hair tie that matches the ones she wears, for her ear.

She is usually seen with the accordion around her neck.


  • Pao is one of the characters to use the suffix "tan" in place of "chan".
  • Hana used magic to make Pao small enough to be carried around.
  • Pao seems to be inspired by Dumbo
  • She appears in the Dokkan opening.


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