The Papaya Brothers are a pair of struggling comedians who appear during Episode 19 of the original season of Ojamajo Doremi. They decided to kidnap Hazuki Fujiwara, due to being a wealthy child, but learn from their mistakes and go on to become professional performance artists.



A pair of fun-loving and goofy brothers who hold their dream of becoming famous comedians high up on a pedestal and seem to be oblivious to the fact that they're not very funny, so their humor only appeals to a limited few. They put in the effort of obtaining their dreams and are determined to achieve them one way or the other. Aniki is the leader of the duo and is more dominant than Otouto. He gets the ideas and puts them into action, even if it means bossing the smaller of the two around. He is also a good cook but when it comes to rich people he can be a little judgemental- having assumed Hazuki wouldn't like their instant foods due to being wealthy. He cares a lot for Otouto as well and is easily flustered when complimented.

Otouto is the more meek and quiet of the two brothers, going along with whatever Aniki says with no fuss. He admires him and cares about Aniki, and he is likely to be easy-going. He often makes jokes.


The Papaya brother's appearances are very drastically different from one another. Aniki, the other brother has average skin and is very tall with the body of a young adult with slightly bigger ears than normal and eyes covered by sunglasses. His short hair is burgundy. He wears an indigo top with white lining on the neck beneath a light red jacket with beige markings giving it the appearance of a sports jacket. Along with plain dark blue jeans and a pair of shoes.

Otouto is tanned with small ears and a wider face and upturned nose, giving him the appearance similar to a monkey. He has messy dark colored hair with a large section in the middle of his forehead sticking backward. His shorter body is somewhat lanky in appearance. He wears a pale jacket and pants with a dull green top and dark-colored shoes.

For their acts, the Papaya brothers wear striped outfits with plain white shoes. Aniki's outfit is pale yellow and green, while Otouto's is red and pale yellow with a blue bow-tie. 


"We're not popular yet, so sue me!"


  • The Papaya brother's names are never spoken throughout the episode. So their "given names" are based on their place in the family. Aniki is a term for older brothers while otouto can be used for younger brothers.
  • The Papaya brothers make a cameo appearance in episode 25 of Motto! Ojamajo Doremi while Doremi was changing the television channel.


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