Radiant Spring in Full Bloom is chapter 1 of the first novel of Ojamajo Doremi 16

Radiant Spring in Full Bloom


Ojamajo Doremi 16

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Doremi prepares for her first day of Highschool and is happy to find some old friends are joining her. But as when thinks seem to be looking up she is given the surprise of a lifetime. 


While preparing for her first day of school Doremi comments on how it only takes a few minutes to do her hair. She is happy despite grumbling over it, because she will get to see her friends soon. She decides to introduce herself and states that anyone who already knows her are free to skip the following chat. Currently she is fifteen and last month she graduated from Misora Munincipal Junior High and has been accepted into Misora Prefectural High. She goes on to reminisce about her time as an Apprentice Witch and explains what an Apprentice Witch is and how she got this status. She ends the statement by discussing how the group chose to stay as normal humans when their witch adventure concluded. But before she can finish she gets interupted by her mother and Doremi notices she only has twenty minutes to get to the reunion.

She resumes fixing her hair and discussion related to her friends. Hazuki Fujiwara has been accepted into Karen Girls Academy but they meet up weekly at one of their houses, library, or elsewhere. Aiko Senoo has gone back to Osaka but she and Doremi saw each other during a field trip to Shikoku the year before and she will be attending the reunion. Her grandfather has recently passed away but the family lived together for two years. While it was an upsetting experience, Aiko's mom had reconciled with her father so it wasn't too hard for the family to handle.

Meanwhile, Momoko Asuka hasn't been seen in three years since she moved back to New York, but she and Doremi email each other every day, but for unknown reasons she won't be at the reunion. Onpu Segawa also won't be attending the reunion and she has sent her regrets apologzing to everyone and Doremi kept in contact with her through their cellphones until the new year, in which Doremi hasn't been able to contact her. 

Hana-chan, Majorika, and Lala, along with the rest of the Yousei have also been gone for about four or five years now. Since the girls miss everyone, they try not to bring them up any longer, though Doremi often wonders about Hana-chan and what she may be doing at the time. She is yelled at again by Haruka and she tells her not to blame her if she should be late. So Doremi is forced to hurry up and leave while noticing the pin of her hair coming loose. Due to the distraction she then trips and falls down the stairs. 

It's then Pop shows up to tease Doremi by commenting on how she will never change, despite being in highschool now. Doremi angrily starts to yell at her and claims that as the older sister Pop has no right to speak down to her like this, but Pop claims that Doremi shouldn't talk since she has to help her study. This upsets Doremi, given how much she tried to build herself up during the prior narration. She then apologizes to the Readers for lying while her dad helps her up. Haruka comments on how Doremi hasn't worn her hair up in a while before bringing up the length by saying that is probably what takes Doremi so long. She helps her out as Pop voices that Doremi cut it shorter due to being rejected and she hides it by wearing it up again.

As Doremi rushes out to leave, Keisuke questions who this boy is that was just mentioned, but Haruka tells him to just leave Doremi alone and changes the subject.

- - - - - -

While rushing to the reunion Doremi explains her annoyance with Pop before showing resentment towards her since she wants to attend Karen Girls' Academy. It is very expensive and their family is already in a desperate financial situation. She explains that it is really expensive due to the fact it has an integrated system to include middle school, high school, and college classes. It also doesn't help that it is also a private school. Pop has interest in enrolling with the Music Department in particular, where Hazuki is also enrolled. The Teachers and Faculty are also well-known Musicians and most of the Alumnae have become professional Composers and Performers. 

She starts to discuss the downward spiral in the Harukaze Household and claims that it is because of how much the Mountain Fishing Stream has started to die down. Her dad has trouble finding work and had to transfer to writing about Sea Fishing, so Haruka tries to compensate by giving home Piano Lessons. However she does also sincerely think that Pop has some talent and wishes her to keep at it. Ironically her old teacher is also Pop's home room teacher for Fifth Grade, causing her to recall how Seki-Sensei also happens to be an Alumnae from Karen Academy. So she will try to ask her to help motivate Pop to help her achieve her future dreams.  

Doremi stands by the hill where Misora First Elementary School is located. She notes that all of the Cherry Trees have lost their blossoms and feels sad since April just began. But it may have to do with the fact that because of how warm last summer was, the trees blossomed much earlier than usual. After cursing she hurries up to school, where upon arrival is quickly teased about being late. Tamaki also scolds her and before Doremi can retort, she does realize that technically she was late. So she chooses to act maturely and simply greets Tamaki.

Everyone is asked to sit down at their old seats and Nobuko Yokokawa suggests they rearrange the desk to see each other in a semi-circle format. Doremi and the other students agree with this idea and they get up to do that. Doremi is pretty happy when Nobuko asks to sit next to her since she doesn't really think she will be with anyone else she was really friendly with in class, but she feels strange and notices that Miho Maruyama isn't there either. When the classes had been shuffled in fifth grade the two girls met, with Nobuko wanting to be a novelist and Miho wished to become a manga artist they completed each other and everyone enjoyed their hard work. Even in junior high they were submitting things to the Girls manga magazines. While nothing got picked up, they did win several honorable mentions.

She happens to spot Miho sitting far away from them and begins to wonder if maybe they got into a fight, since she keeps catching Miho observing Nobuko now and then, and has been trying to avoid eye contact with her. While ware of her meddlesome nature, Doremi really wants to find out what may be the problem, but she is unable to and finds herself surprised to see Aiko. They make conversation and Aiko apologizes for being late, only to realize she is actually at the wrong class.

To avoid the awkward situation she tells some jokes and quickly takes her leave after saying goodbye. Everyone found this amusing and Doremi happens to hear laughter from nearby, leading her to figure out that Aiko probably told them what was going on too. 

Later, after they get another break the girls go over what they heard from Class Two. Everyone was saddened by Onpu's absense and the reunion struggled to get off of the ground until Aiko came by to lighten things up.

When Class starts, Seki-sensei asks everyoen to talk about some memories from Junior High and what they are currently doing. The former class representative, Masato Rinno suggest they instead use the attendance roster numbers when they realize the first student was Momoko, who isn't there. Doremi is able to fill the class in regarding her and explains that she speaks to Momoko all of the time through email. She mentions that her fathers company is taking on a big project so she will be moving back in Fall.

Next came the second classmate, Itou Kouji and so forth. Everyone took turns telling Seki-sensei anecdotes from junior high, which high schools they were accepted into, their current hobbies, and things like that. Out of everyone in the room, the one who attracted the most attention from everyone else was Kotake Tetsuya, due to how much he's grown and matured since elementary school. On top of that, during junior high he became the soccer team captain and their ace striker, and he ended up being popular with the girls in the lower grades.

Doremi then angrily goes on to explain that Kotake left her heartbroken after she confessed to him, but she refuses to speak more on the subject. She then notices how awkward everything was today and noticed that he refused to even look at her. 

As Miho's turn comes up she discuses her acceptance into a Private School, but has nothing worth mentioning from Middle School. This makes Doremi curious since she and Nobuko were still friends and working together back then, along with the fact that Nobuko plans to attend the same school. She decides to just ask them about it later however, to avoid interupting. 

After the reunion ends, everybody heads to the after party at Karaoke. Aiko asks Doremi how the class reunion went when Shimakura comes to them to ask Doremi why she answered so vaguely, joining the conversation as Hazuki arrives to join too. Shimakura mentions how she will never forget such a "unique" graduation and Doremi frustratingly claims how much everyone made fun of her for what happened back then, however she refuses to discuss it.

Instead she begins to discuss Seki-Sensei and Nishizawa-Sensei singing together. Nishizawa got married a year ago and is currently on Maternity Leave, but today she was able to bring the baby with her. As others performed, the SOS had been telling jokes while Hazuki, Aiko, and Doremi are in the corner to themselves getting into girl talk. Aiko asks Doremi about Kotake and right away she claims that nothing happened before being asked why she even bothered to give him a love letter. Hazuki then apologizes, worrying that it may be her fault, though Doremi attempts to claim otherwise before she starts to think about her second year of middle school and wonders about her lack of charm, since Hazuki has been dating Yada since.

Hazuki did point out that there was one person who liked Doremi for who she was, but Doremi had no idea who that boy was until Hazuki reminds her of the time when she barricaded herself in the Maho-dou. She reminds her of what Kotake said to her, and that he was starting to say that he loved her, but he got embarrassed and sayd that everyone loved in her instead. She then mentions how everyone in class knows that Kotake had feelings for her, which makes Doremi think back to the many times Kotake caught her attention. They continue to chat about Kotake, such as how many times he helped her and the times he also caused her problems. But since then Doremi had started to pay him more attention and was starting to see Kotake as someone other than her Elementary School harasser.

They also discuss how much he has grown up, how more handsome he has become, and his time devoted to Soccer has been paying off. Since that time Doremi would see other girls paying him attention and decided to one evening finally confess her feelings. She called him to the beach the next day and gave him the letter, but she never got an answer. 

Since then Kotake became busier as captain of the soccer team and in the third year they were thrown into different classes. So the akward atmosphere has been going on for quite a while. 

While finishing her story Aiko mentions how weird it is for Doremi to not have got an answer yet. It has been a year and a half, leading Doremo to just flat out say she was dumped. Hazuki doesn't see it like that though since Kotake is probably just shy due to their past relationship. He is probably surprised by Doremi's confession and may worry over his response and just didn't realize how much time has passed by then. Aiko offers to just go ask Kotake about it, but Doremi stops her and tells her not to, instead changing the subject to Arima, who Aiko started to date some time back. 

To their surprise Aiko informs them that she dumped him a while back, over a stupid joke he told regarding their future marriage and love life. She was so angry that the only reasonable thing to do was dump him. Hazuki is a bit confused by what she tells them, so Aiko simplifies it by saying she has no focus on romance right now. She wants to focus on the Track Team, entering Osaka Prefectural Tournament, Winning the one-hundred-meter dash, and getting third in the National Track-and-Field Tournament. She also points out that she has already gave her Track Club enrollment to the Advisor of Misora. Doremi is shocked by this and looks to Hazuki, who starts to laugh since they forgot to tell Doremi about's Aiko's good news. 

Doremi suddenly yells, which catches everyone's attention. They apologize for being so noisy and head out to the Lobby to continue chatting. Aiko informs her that the decision was very quick and the Senior Care Facility her mother works at will be opening a new building in the neigboring town of Misora this month. Her mom was assigned to be Administrative Staff and her father was re-employed at the Taxi Company that Tamaki's Father manages. So the entire family is moving back.  

They resume a romance discussion by bringing up Hazuki and Yada and she reveals how lately she has been concerned over things. At Karen Girls' Academy they're strict about relationships with boys so meeting with a boy alone is banned. Yada has to make many visits to her house and she to his, so her nanny and her mom come as chaperones. But this makes her upset because she would rather go out alone, on a real date with him. Which makes Aiko wonder if Hazuki has impure intentions when she brings up how badly she wants this, but she is quick to deny it while Doremi plays dumb. Hazuki gets frustrated but the trio start to laugh again. 

- - - - - -

At the end of the party they agree to meet up again five years later when everyone will be turning twenty. They all say goodbye and the trio head back to the Harukaze House to keep talking. They bring up Onpu, whom none of them had seen or talked to for the past six months now. Hazuki brings up that if they had magic they could just find out, but they gave up being Witches so it can't be helped now. She then claims to have just been kidding but they all find out that they all wish they were still witches. 

As they cross the nearby bridge Doremi happens to notice a few dandelion pass by and float towards a slope on the opposite side of the hill. Her field of vision follows it, allowing her to spot the Maho-do, which they find to be extremely weird and wonder if it's just a dream. Once Majorika and the others left for the witch world the building was demolished and it had been turned into a vacant lot. But they realize that it is right there standing, perfectly fine. 

Confused, the trio run up to the shop to see if it is really there or not. They stare at the signboard and see Makihatayama Rika's Magical Shop wrote on it, then notice that it is even the original sign. The one Majorika used before they changed it. 

It is at that very moment the door door swings open and someone familiar steps out: Majorika... 


  • Doremi: Yo! Nice to meet you. I'm Harukaze Doremi!


  • Doremi: Urggghhhh!! She went and poured salt on the wound on my heart that I've been trying to forget!


  • Doremi's odango hairstyle is named to be Chignon
  • Now instead of claiming she's the most unlucky girl in the world, Doremi calls herself the luckiest.
  • Many things in this chapter reference Doremi meeting Majorika for the first time and her love confession in the final Dokkan episode. Revealing that it was Kotake she was shown to meet up with.