Rere is Hazuki Fujiwara's fairy. Hazuki obtained her after completing her 9th exam.



Rere has fair skin with warm brown eyes and blushed cheeks. Her pale orange hair is shaped into four-points, reminiscent of a bow, and she has two tufts for bangs. Like Hazuki she wears glasses, along with a pale orange dress that has a cream collar. In teen form, her hair points now stick out at each part of her head and she gains a full body. She wears a pale orange dress with the shoulder cut out and a white-collar. A pastel orange top is worn under this, and at the chest is an orange gem. She also wears white booties and a white witch hat with a cream rim.


Helpful and quiet, Rere shares Hazuki's gentle and passive nature. She loves to listen to music and often speaks with Hazuki when she is in need of advice or feels troubled. She is cautious and shown to worry.

Light Novel Series

Initially, the fairies were only brought up early on in the first novel, mentioned that they had been doing their best to take care of the then-badly behaved Hana-chan.


  • In one of the novels, Rere was revealed to have gained the ability to transform into a Persian cat.
  • In some translations, she was named Mimi.


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