Roro is Onpu Segawa's Fairy. She was hinted at throughout Season 1 and made her first appearance after the girls regained their magic abilities in Sharp.



Roro has fair skin with pink blushed cheeks and Onpu's eyes. Her light purple hair frames her face and she has a thick strand sticking up on the left to resemble Onpu's side-tail. She wears a light purple dress with a lilac collar.

In teen form, the only change to her hair is that her side-tail now sticks down, rather than curling up. She gains a developed body and now wears a lilac dress with the shoulder cut out and a white-collar, where a purple gem rests. A lilac top is worn under this, and she gains white booties and a white witch hat with a lilac rim.


Roro possesses Onpu's cute and charming personality and like Onpu, Oyajide seems to take to her in comparison to the other three. She is very helpful and smart, capable of communication and has many useful skills. She appears to have a mature side and usually refrains from joining the others at times, although she is fairly playful.

Light Novel Series

In the first novel, it is revealed that she and the others remained in the Witch World to watch over the then-badly behaved Hana-chan.


  • In the Portuguese and Spanish versions, Roro was renamed Fafa.
    • She's also been renamed Lulu in some translations.
  • In one of the light novels, it was revealed that she can transform into a Siamese cat.


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