Sachiko Ijuuin is a classmate of HazukiAiko, and Onpu. In 3rd and 4th grade, she was in the former class 1. She also is a good friend of Hana.

She is the character of the day during "Even a Good Child Worries" and appears in "Flute File! ~An Honor Student's Secret~".


A model student with Teachers for parents. She is a helpful and kind class representative of 6-2.


Sachiko has light skin and big, rounded hazel eyes. Her light brown hair frames her shoulders and ends at the chest, with short straightened forelocks and her bangs brushed to the left.

She wears a white collared top with buttons going down the middle beneath a dull green vest. Paired with this is a dark green and red check knee-length skirt, dark brown loafers with pale brown sole, and white tube socks.


As an ideal student who is known for being very nice and willing to help other students, Sachiko is very popular. She is wise and always gets good grades, and when necessary she will be stern with others.

Because both of her parents are teachers, she always tries to be a good child. But as a side effect, she severely restricted herself in the process to avoid ruining the image she's built up. Deep down she is shown to worry about this and other things, but she struggles to talk about it.


Light Novel Series

Sachiko isn't brought up very often, but it's revealed she attends Karen Girls' Academy with Hazuki and Tamaki.


Masaharu Miyamoto

Masaharu has a big crush on her. When he accidentally broke her recorder he couldn't bear the thought of telling her until realizing how badly this incident was troubling the student who got blamed, Onpu. They are shown to have a good friendship. After he confessed what happened she forgave him, but not after teasing him a little.


Name Etymology

Sachiko - Sachi means happiness and/or good luck and Ko means child.



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