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I'm Doremi! Becoming a Witch Apprentice!

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(The special intro to this new series) Doremi: Pirikapiri lala Poperila Peperuto! New TV Program, I summon you! I'm Harukaze Doremi. 'I've just started learning magic. I'm still not very good at it... Because of it, everyday is a new surprise! Everyone will cheer me on, right? I'll be the shining heroine of this new ultra-hyper new TV program: Ojamajo Doremi! 'Look forward to it! Do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do! Areee....?

(After the intro and theme song, the episode begins with a small flower flying around town when it comes to the Maho-dou.)

Majorika: Welcome to the House of Magic! We offer you a great selection to fulfill yur wishes. *A evil laugh is then heard.* Everything can be fulfilled by the magic pendant. However, once the spell is cast. Who knows what will hapopen to the caster.

(Scene ends, a title card appears, then the episode continues.)

Doremi: Puapu Arukuku! (said three times) Alrighty! *gets off bed* Got the magic spell down perfectly! *Runs out of her room, then sneaks in the hallway* Pop is still asleep.

Pop: *Suddenly opens her door, scaring Doremi* Doremi!

Doremi: *Angrily* Geez! What are you doing up?

Pop: Doremi's up early. Are you in love with another boy again?

Doremi: *Flustered* T-t-t-that's not true! I just got some stuff to do at school!

Pop: Thats a cheap lie.

Doremi: *Gives up and goes to leave* It has nothing to do with you!

Pop: It's hopeless, are you still going to try anyway?

Doremi: *Pulls down her eyelid and sticks out tongue before making a shocked expression*

Keisuke: N-no, I mean..

Haruka: Today you said you would clean the garden!

Keisuke: There's this new rod I have to try.

Haruka: What?! Did you buy a new rod again? *Attacks her husband* geez! This month too! With all the house work! *Keisuke can be heard in the background, begging for help.* Hold it! You better come back here! Stop right there! *Pop slowly heads back into her room*

(Doremi then takes this moment to leave her house. Now she is running to school)

Doremi: *Thought* My name is Harukaze Doremi. My parents always fight like crazy everyday. My little sister is a Kindergartener, but she's so conceited to think she knows everything. Therefore, I'm the worlds unhappiest pretty girl. 'But, today I will try again to become the happiest pretty girl in the world.

(Now outside, Doremi is in the back of the school watching the soccer team.)

Doremi: Igarashi-Sempai, He's so cool!

(Maki approaches Igarashi after practice.)

Maki: Igarashi-Kun! Today's match...promise you'll win?

Igarashi: *nods* S..sure

Maki: If you win, I have something to tell you, Igarashi-kun. So thats why...promise me!

Igarashi: *nods again* Sure.

Maki: Very well...

(She then runs off as Doremi is seen holding her confession letter once more.)

Doremi: *repeating love spell once more* Please give me courage to confess to Igarashi-Sempai. Alrighty! *notices Igarashi is approaching, hides.* Ah, He's coming! I must do it today! Go, Doremi! Now, Now I said! *he walks right past* Aah, I missed him. I thought I already used the spell... I have to tell Sempai how I feel.. But I don't seem to be doing that now... I have to tell him...Once again the same thing repeats. *Runs off to wash her face* The magic spell didn't work at all, After all... I am the world's unhappiest pretty girl

(Now in class Doremi is trying to figure out how the spell went wrong while the class is reading.)

Sugiyama: *reading from book* Look up! In the middle.. of an open field... take a deep breath...

Doremi: *Secretly reading her witch book* If I were a witch, I could use the magic to confess. I wonder if I can learn some from this.

Seki-Sensei: Alright, Sugiyama. Thats ok. Looks like you prepared.

Sugiyama: Yes Ma'am. *sits down*

Seki-Sensei: Well, next, Harukaze!

Hazuki: *Leans over, pokes Doremi* Doremi-chan! From the last part on page five.

Doremi: Hazuki-chan, thanks! *Hurriedly stands up to read* Witches' profile. Witches always wear gloves. Witches will look at you with red eyes. Witches hate childr- *Suddenly freezes upon realizing she read from the wrong book.*

Seki-Sensei: Harukaze, Hallway.

Doremi: yes Ma'am.

Kotake: Clumsy Domiso.

Doremi: Not "Domiso" Its Do-re-mi!

Kotake: Ah? Dojimi?

DoremI: *grabs Kotake* Doremi!

Seki-Senei: Be quiet! Get out, you two!

(After class ends Doremi is seen packing up her items while upset.)

Hazuki: Doremi-chan, you're going to watch the soccer match, right?

Doremi shakes head no*

Hazuki: You're not cheering for Igarashi-Sempai?

Doremi shakes head no again*

Hazuki: Did you fail again on your confession?

Doremi: *Stands up crying* Hazuki-chan, could you cover for me at the match?

Hazuki: Sure But... Doremi-Chan!

Doremi: *Runs only to suddenly stop when all of her things fall out.*

Kotake: Do-ji-mi-fa-so-la-mi-re! (Now Doremi is walking home when she finds herself on a strange pathway)

Doremi :Ah, this is the worst! Is it that weird for me to want to do magic? *Starts to look around, realizes she's lost.* When I realized it...I was standing in an unknown hill road. '*Sees the magic shop* Makihataya.. Marika's house of Magic. Somehow the building gives me the creeps. *Cautiously opens the door.*

Majorika: Welcome.

Doremi: *Shocked* G-good day!

Majorika: Welcome to the house of magic! We offer you a great selection to fulfill your wishes.

DoremI: Gloves? Witches always wear gloves... *Creeps in before shutting door* Witches will look at you with red eyes. *Tries to sneak a glance at Majorika* Witches hate children and they can smell children with their big noses. Everything matches.

Majorika: *Laughing*

Doremi: Could... She be... the real thing? *Notices the magic pendants now*

Majorika: Everything can be fulfilled by the magic pendant.

Doremi: Magic?

Majorika: However, after the wish is granted...

Doremi: Excuse me!

Majorika: *annoyed* What is it? I haven't finished talking!

Doremi: *Gets closer* Makihataya Marika-san....

Majorika: Makihataya Magica-san? Geez, this is why I hate Kids.

Doremi: *Wide eyed* You hate kids? That means... *Majorika makes a shocked expression* Just as I thought! Rika-san is...

Majorika: W-what is it?

Doremi:...none other then...

Majorika: Don't say it!

Doremi: A witch! *points as Majorika deflates into a small green blob*

Majorika: You brat, You'll pay for turning me into this!

DoremI: What? what did I do? Did I do something?

Lala: *Standing on all fours* Well, a witch will turn into this form if you find out... *Turns into a fairy* ..about her disguise and expose her.

Majorika: You have to take responsibility!

Doremi: *Curled up in the corner* Even if I am responsible. I have no idea how to do magic. But it was nice talking to you... *Stars to leave* Maybe I'll just come back another time. Bye.

Majorika: Freeze!

Lala: If you think we'll let you leave right now, you're mistaken.

Majorika: Exactly! I'm not letting you leave until I turn you into a witch!

Doremi: But... *Suddenly perks up* Eh? A witch?

(The beginning of the eyecatch, then a commercial takes place.)

(The end of the eyecatch)

Majorika: Makihatayama Rika is my name in the human world. My real name in the world of witches is Majorika.

Lala: I'm her fairy Lala.

Doremi: I'm Harukaze Doremi.

Majorika: What a weird name.

Doremi: Still better then Makihatayama Rika.

Majorika: How dare a human say that?

Lala: Come on, Calm down, Calm down! You lost your original witch's body and you can't turn back. There's no other way than to teach this girl to be a witch, right?

Majorika: Well, thats true... The road to becoming a witch is very strict! you won't be a witch that easily under my guidance! I will put you through a lot of difficulties!

Doremi: *Happy* That's OK with me!

Majorika: She doesn't get it.. *upset*

Lala: Kid, you could at least look a little scared.

Doremi: But, But, I always wanted to be a witch. Please, hurry up, teach me some magic! Hey, come on!

Majorika: Somehow I'm starting to have second thoughts. Lala, could you bring us the box in my room?

Lala: Sure thing.

Majorika: Over here, Doremi.

Doremi: Right.

Lala: Here...we...go... *lowers the box onto the table*

Majorika: In this box, You'll find items used by Witch Apprentices. Get one out.

Doremi: *nods before reaching into the box* Got it!

Majorika: Alrighty. Well then, next is...

Doremi: This is so cute! *presses a button* Ah, it plays notes!

Majorika: Hey you! Stop playing with it!

Doremi: *ignores Majorika* What does this button do? *pushes center, causes henshin to begin*

Majorika: You idiot!

Doremi: A witch outfit?

Majorika: A witch must wear the suit before the music stops. Hurry up! Before the music stops!

Doremi: How do I put this on? *Tugging on witch uniform* It disappeared. *Holds tap now*

Majorika: I told you so! That's not the end of the World. Try again! *very angry* If you want to be the best Witch Apprentice, you'll have to do as I tell you.

Doremi: Okay, okay! *Finishing henshin, strikes a pose* Pretty witch Doremi-chi!

Majorika: What the hell was that? Winky, Winky.

Doremi: *plays tap to summon both wand and broom* Wow, cool, cool!

Majorika: *As Doremi says, Wait, wait, wait." Well next....

Doremi: I can cast magic with this stick, right? What's the spell? Tell me quick! There is a spell, right? is there? Come on, hurry, hurry, hurry, tell me, tell me! The spell, the spell, hurry, hurry, hurry! (x2)

Majorika: *Ticked off* Shut your mouth! Geez.

Lala: Thats not a stick, its called Peperuto Poron. A musical instrument.

Doremi: A musial instrument?

Lala: You wave it and Sing: Pirikapiri Lala Poporila your spell.

Doremi: Pirikapiri Lala Poporila Peperuto? Alrighty! Pirikapiri Lala Poporila Peperuto! Big steak.. Appear! *Points wand at table, Lala and Majorika flee* This is the first time I have ever seen such a big steak! Alrigty! Pirikapiri Lala Poporila Peperuto! Become bigger, bigger, bigger, and bigger! Itadakima...*Steak vanishes* Ah?!

Majorika: Your magic isn't permanent. So stop using your magic spheres without reason!

Doremi: Magic spheres?

Lala: Their the balls inside the Peperuto Poron.

Doremi: *Looks at her wand* Ah, your right. They're there.

Lala: *Floats onto Doremi's wand* So lets refill it. *Turns poron middle and begins to insert Magic spheres*

Majorika: Magic can't be cast without the magic spheres. Geez, from now on, to become a witch.. *Sees Doremi in the air* Lala?

Lala: Right. *Flies after Doremi*

Doremi: *Having trouble steering her wand until lala lands on the tip* Thanks. Oh! That's my school! I know!

(Now at Soccer)

Random person: Let's defend!

Hazuki: *Sitting with worried students* She just had to be absent at a time like this....

Doremi: *flying above* Isn't that the match? *sees ball flying towards Igarashi* Igarashi-Sempai, Watch out! *Cast a spell* Pirikapiri Lala Poporila Peperuto! Time, Stop turning! *Skids to the ground* Whoa, Time really sto... oof! Igarashi-Sempai, Excuse me! *Slides him out of the way*

Lala: Hurry up! The magic is wearing off!

Doremi: That cant be! I'm still... *As Lala says, Hurry up!* Right! *Rushes back to hide but lands right in front of Maki as time unfreezes* This is... *Sees Maki stare at her* Hello.... *Runs into nearby bush*

Maki: What was that about?

Opposing Team: We did it!

Doremi: Did I do something bad?

Random soccer Mate: its not over! its not the end yet!

Another soccer mate: Go for it!

(Doremi and Lala hide in the bush now)

Lala: You really screwed up. Anyway, if someone from the crowd exposed you as a witch, what happened to Majorika would happen to you too.

Doremi: *pictures herself as a witch frog dancing with Majorika* Over here, over here! *Snaps out of it* No waaay!

Random soccer mate: Stretcher, hurry!

Maki: Igarashi-kun!

Doremi: he's injured? Alrighty, I'll heal him with magic!

Lala: Don't do that! If you heal someone with your magic, You'll get the wound.

Doremi: but....

Lala: Eh? that girl. *Glances to Maki* She bought a pendent from Majorika. Don't tell me...!

Maki: Igarashi-kun... I don't care what happens to me.. Please help Igarashi-kun! His wound... Heal his wound! *The magic cast and the pendent breaks*

Doremi: There it goes...

Igarashi: Eh? It doesn't hurt anymore.

Random: The wound is healed!

Other: Really!

Reff: I don't understand whats going on, but continue the match!

Maki: Igarashi-kun, thank goodness. *overlooking broken pendent.*

Lala: Igarashi's wound has been transferred to her.

Doremi: I wonder if it hurts. Somehow she looks happy.

Lala: Looks like she likes Igarashi-kun a lot.

Doremi: Looks like it, But if I were to face the same situation. I probably couldn't do it.

Lala: *Cheeky* What? Could it be you like him too?

Doremi: *Turns red*

Random: Watch it!, don't let him get away!

Doremi: They're going to tackle him again! Alrighty! Pirikapiri Lala Poporila Peperuto! Time, Stop turning! *magic cast once more, runs to the field* For her sake, I will protect Sempai!

Lala: Hurry, Hurry!

Doremi: I know! Let's see... *adjust player* Like this? *Moves everything slightly, just then time unfreezes*

Player: Here goes *Kicks the ball*

Doremi: *knocked unconcious* I'm really...truly am the worlds most...

Majorika: Geez *Snaps finger*

(Doremi soon wakes up to see a bandaid being placed onto her forehead. Between her eyes)

Miss Yuki: There, you're all done.

Doremi: Thank you very much.

Hazuki: I was surprised. I thought you went home a long time ago.

Doremi: Sorry.

Miss Yuki: Hey, look whats happening behind you.

Doremi, Hazuki: Behind? *They turn to look*

Doremi: It's Maki-san.

Igarashi-kun came to visit too.

Miss Yuki: Come on, lets go out.

Doremi: But...

Hazuki: Come on Doremi-chan.

(Maki and Igarashi are talking behind the curtain)

Igarashi: Thanks for cheering for me.

Maki: Sure

Igarashi: You got hurt.

Maki: Igarashi-Kun. You did your best. But...

Igarashi: Earlier you said you had something to tell me?

Maki: Yes.

Igarashi: Well, I also have something to tell you. I'd like you to go out...with me.

(Hazuki and Doremi spy on them outside. The camera pans up to reveal Majorika and Lala)

Majorika: Geez... what are they doing? She's not a witch apprentice. She's a troublesome witch, Ojamajo!

Lala: And who is the one who was found out by that ojamajo? I have a hunch that Doremi will become a good witch.

(The camera goes back down to Hazuki and Doremi)

Doremi: The mood is..

Hazuki: Mutual love, there's no mistake.

Doremi: I see. Looks like it. They should be together.

Hazuki: Doremi-chan. I get the feeling that your giving up. Doremi-chan?

Doremi: Thats right. Yet another bad premonition. I'm really, truly, the worlds unhappiest pretty girl.

(Doremi is then shown crying as Majorika and Lala stand beneath her as the episode ends.)