Shingo Hasegawa is a character who appears as a (false) love interest for Doremi after she goes fishing with him and her dad. At first he seemed to really like Doremi, but this is ruined when he reveals he already has a girlfriend.


Shingo is a kind young man who loves to fish but struggles when it comes to dealing with his father, who believes studying and school to be more important.


Saying Shingo isn't passionate about fishing would be a lie. It seems to be his dream above all else, which causes friction with him and his father. He displays emotional behavior when being teased or harassed, and can't stand that his dad doesn't seem to realize how much fishing means to him.

Shingo seems to be very nice and kind, and it can be assumed he may have picked these traits up from his mother.


Shingo is a young man who is most likely a teenager or close to that age. He has tan skin and small dark-colored eyes, matching his shoulder-length, dark green-black hair.

Shingo is shown depicted in a red and blue shirt with a yellow, red, and green jacket over it. As well as red and white sneakers and denim pants.


  • Onpu's last name is in Hasegawa.
  • Shingo is the first one-shot love interest of Doremi's to appear. Igarashi makes multiple appearances in the series, so he is not a "one-shot" character.


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