Shinzou Osawa is the son of Mrs. Osawa and Mr. Osawa. He is a one-shot character who appears in Sharp as one of Doremi's love interests.


Shinzou lives at the Iwate Prefecture in Tohoku. He is the charming son of a rancher and plans to one day overtake the ranch and raise even more livestock then what they have now. However, right now he is focused on finding someone to share this with him someday. He has natural cowboy talent and knows a lot about farming.


Shinzou seems to have gained his appearance from his mother. He has tan skin with blue eyes and a spray of freckles by them. His hair is a dirty blonde and reaches his shoulders; which he usually covers with a brown cowboy hat. His outfit consists of a peach top with dull brown vest, dark blue jeans held with a brown belt, turqoise cloth around his neck, and a pair of boots. 


Shinzou is a very charming young man who for most part happens to be very nice. He is smart and talented, but he is has a tendency to go after a girl who interests him; usually seeking out her best qualities. He is a huge fan of Onpu and claimed to like her best, really connected with Doremi and said he loved her, he asked Aiko to marry him and tried to sway her by mentioning how they could ride horses together, and even hit on Hazuki. 


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