Shiori Nakayama is a classmate and friend of the Ojamajos. After the first two seasons, she is in class with Hazuki, Aiko, and Onpu.

She stars in more than one episode, including "Papa, Fireworks and Tearful memories" from season 1, "Mother's Day and the Drawing of Mother" from Sharp and "Hazuki's Shining Star" from Dokkan. She also appears in the episode "The Seventh Witch Apprentice ~Non-chan's Secret~" from Naisho.


Shiori is often sick, causing her to miss school several times. For that particular reason, her dad is somewhat overprotective, to which Shiori expresses disapproval. Despite being unable to go to school so often, she still has excellent grades.

It was later revealed she suffered from heart disease.


Shiori has fair skin and small, downward slanted dark brown eyes. Her short, straightened brunette hair is almost shoulder-length with a split in the middle of her bangs. She wears a dark burgundy headband.

Normally Shiori wears a white buttoned top with a dark burgundy string ribbon at the neck, paired with a long navy pleat skirt, white socks, and milk blue strap-flats with a white sole.


Shiori is a well-educated and very intelligent girl. However, she becomes sad and withdrawn when she thinks of her mother, to the point of avoiding school and refusing to cooperate with others. She is fairly lonely and soft-spoken, but very kind. She has a good friendship with Yada and Tamaki, classmates who are known for being hard to approach.


Shiori's mother died when she was very young; since then, she lives with her father, who is a teacher. Her biggest fear is to lose the memory of her mother.



Shiori cares about her dad, but she struggles to get along with him because he isn't sure how to handle her feelings of sadness. She doesn't speak to him and can even become angry, which is very unlike her. He often worries over her.


While she is friends with all of the Ojamajo, her relationship with Hazuki is worth noting because of Hazuki's concerns regarding her relationship with Yada.


They are able to connect on a deep level, mainly due to their missing parental figures who they were very close to.


Shiori is one of the few students Tamaki is shown to be kind around, especially if she seems ill or in pain.

Name Etymology

Nakayama - Naka means central, while Yama means mountain.

Shiori - Shi means poem and Ori means to weave. Shiori can also mean bookmark.


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