Shouta Taniyama is a classmate of Doremi's and featured character of the day during Father and Son, the Move Towards Victory!.


Shouta is a gentle boy with a huge, burning passion for playing Shogi. He studies it very fluidly and absorbs everything he takes in when he studies it. Due to his family's hatred of the game at first, he was forced to forget about it until Doremi and Seki could convince his parents to let him play it and avoid letting his talents go to waste.


Shouta is a very quiet and meek boy. Compared to most of the boys in class, he isn't as noticeable, as claimed by Doremi who compares him to a ghost. He also doesn't seem to interact with anybody else, hinting at his shy and reserved nature. Shouta hates such comparisons however and seems to be sensitive in a sense he's quick to tense up or start crying if he feels too much pressure, or if someone upsets him.

But he's a very caring boy who is always thoughtful of others. He does what he can to help them and wants everyone to be happy. He also doesn't seem to show it too often, but he is very passionate and smart, studying every single thing he can to better himself when it comes to playing Shogi.


Shouta is unique, in a sense he has a very noticeable pink color scheme. Most likely hinting to his gentle and soft nature. He has fair-tan skin coloring and pink eyes. His hair is maroon in color, fashioned in a typical boy's hair cut. He wears a blue T-shirt with a pink neck and symbols, along with a pair of shorts, pink socks, and maroon and white sneakers.

When he was younger, Shouta looked about the same but lacked the pink details of his outfit.


  • Shouta is considered a masculine name meaning "Correct/Soar, Thick".


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