Shuzou Higuchi is a character of the day who makes an appearance in Doremi's boyfriend is a junior high student?! as a titular character alongside his sister, Maki Higuchi and now girlfriend Mika.


Shuzou is a gentle, kind boy who loves to inline skate. Leading to his meeting of his friend Mika.


Shuzou is a very kind and nice Middle school student who comes off as gentle and mostly-mature. He shows a passionate romantic side when under Onpu's spell and upon snapping out of it, immediately feels regret in what happened.

It's revealed that he's been in love with his friend, Maki for a really long time and has never said anything regarding it, probably out of concern she didn't feel the same way. He worried heavily over telling Doremi about the mistake, meaning he has a very sensitive and gentle heart. When push comes to shove, he would do anything to protect the one he loves.


Shuzou is a tall, slightly tanned male with small deep blue eyes, matching his hair, worn in a typical short boy cut. He's usually shown with a relaxed expression and often-always smiles.

He wears a bright green shirt with a big yellow marking on the front and neck. Under the yellow segment is a section of blue, possibly implying a dark blue undershirt. He wears normal blue jeans pants and shoes.

Shuzou was also shown wearing a gray school uniform.


  • Shuzou's outfit color/style is very reminiscent of Aiko's. They both wear a green shirt with yellow lining and blue jeans.


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