Surumeko is a squid who lives in the Magic World. She is married to Hachitarou and in Sharp has a baby, Atarimeko.


Prior to the series Surumeko had been in a long-term relationship with Hachitarou. They were both in love but their families did not approve due to their difference in species, but with some help from the girls they were able to get together.


A pale pink squid with red lips and large, feminine purple eyes. She wears a pink flower on the side of her head.


Surumeko is very kind and friendly. Like her husband, she disliked the separation between squid and octopus, and she was very happy that they can be given a chance to show that the two species can get along. She is shown to be emotional- but not to the extent of her husband, and she can often be found consoling him.


Surumeko first appears during season 1, when the girls find her after using magic to bring them together.

She appears later in the season when Doremi happened to find the portal door that led to their world and happened to see them in the middle of their wedding. They were happy to see her and invited her to stay for the ceremony.

In Sharp, she appears again to reveal they had a baby Squid-Octopus, and because of it being born of both species, it was considered special and required to take the exams to prove that a squid and octopus could be together.


  • In Dokkan, Surumeko reveals she is expecting another child.


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