Takao Kimura is a classmate of Doremi's and featured character during "Early Bird Marina and a Bouquet From the Heart" and "Lies and Truth in Flower Language". After the first two seasons, he is in class with HazukiAiko and Onpu.

He dated Koizumi Marina but broke up with her in Ojamajo Doremi 17. He struggled with his feelings for her for a long time.



He seems to be nice, especially to Marina, but around the other guys he masks this. When the SOS Trio is mocking him and Marina, he starts to be mean towards her, even though he regrets this afterwards.


Takao has brown hair and brown eyes. He wears a cyan shirt and overhead a brown gilet. He wears blue jeans and light brown shoes.


  • His best friend is Kotake
    • He is also friends with the SOS Trio.
  • He plays soccer.


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