• 'Sup. Since you're hard at work adding high quality screenshots from the anime onto the various galleries of the wikia, I was wondering, what is the general consensus regarding images on pages of characters and such (like a captioned image from the gallery next to a paragraph under the "History" Section)? I did so on one character's page earlier with an HD image that you uploaded but then later it was removed from that section and back to being in the gallery only.

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    • hello! let me first thank you for all the edits you've made! o)-L

      i'm pretty sure i wrote the reason in the summary-

      all the side characters have a gallery on the bottom of the page because i find that to be more aesthetically pleasing. one other reason i made the gallery is to remove all images from the text area (it used to look pretty bad before, imo). feel free to add captions though! (if you want to ofc)

      the screenshot you added was already in the gallery, which means that i removed the unneeded duplicate of said image. 

      so yeah, please leave the images and galleries to me o)-<

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    • Okay. :) Tbh it's the opposite for me in terms of aesthetics. Plus, images in the sections like "History", "Relationships", etc. help my brain stay focused when I'm reading.

      But in the very least I'll continue to add info to pages. ^_^ Thank you~!

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