Toyokazu Sugiyama is a classmate of the ojamajo and a member of the SOS Trio. After the first two seasons, he was the only one of the group in class with Doremi and Momoko (and later, with Hana). He was replaced by Jun Sato.


He is part of the SOS Trio with his best friends, Yuji Sagawa and Yutaka Ota. Since Motto he is part of Toyoken with his new friend Ogura Kenji. Toyokazu is a young man who loves comedy and making jokes but he isn't particularly good at it. He's generally nice but he has a temper.


Toyokazu has light skin and caramel eyes and is of average height. His short dark brown hair consists of spiked bangs and a cowlick. He wears a light blue shirt with dark blue sleeves, collar, and buttons, along with khaki shorts, white socks and blue sneakers with light blue detail.


He is a playful boy who tends to tease, make fun of, or pick on others but never with the intention to hurt them. Like his friends, he doesn't like being made fun of and can be impatient. He doesn't like to be picked on; which he sometimes is.


  • In the first episode of Magical Doremi, he was referred to as "Finnigan" by the teacher. But in every other point, his name is Stewart.


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