The Witch Queen is a character in Ojamajo Doremi and an important figure in the witch world as its the current ruler.

At times, she takes the alternate identity of Yuki-Sensei, the school nurse at Misora Elementary School.


The current Witch Queen, she is a kind and mysterious figure who speaks to Doremi Harukaze and her friends whenever crisis strikes or when they gain upgrades in their magic abilities.


A tall, fair skinned woman who keeps her face hidden by a semi-translucent veil that covers her friendly face and big blue eyes. She has very long platinum wavy hair that nearly reaches the ground with tented, wavy bangs and wears a gold, decorative crown. Her outfit is composed of a white form-fit dress that has a large indigo fabric piece wrapping around her shoulders, where a purple gem star sits. Attached to the star is her white collar. At her waist is a black V-shaped line with sheer, flowing indigo lace covering her skirt. She wears white finger-less gloves on her hands with a ring on her finger, and gold bangles.  


A kind and selfless Queen who greatly cares about her subjects. She is fair and will give those who deserve it another chance, but she is also serious and stern and doesn't believe in letting bad behavior or rule-breakers get away with their crimes without paying.

However, she has times when she can be curious and a little childish (mainly when she's in the human world as Yuki, but not exclusively). She is very friendly and enjoys seeing the progress the girls make.


Ojamajo Doremi 16

She is first mentioned by Majorika when she explains to the girls why she has returned to Misora. After Majorika spanked Hana for breaking one of her precious items, Hana-chan ran to the Witch Queen and demanded to be put into the custody of someone else. The Witch Queen had no choice but to agree when Hana refused to become the future Queen, so she assigned her to Majoruka. However, she allowed Majorika to return to Misora to reopen the Maho-do.

She was later revealed to be the older twin sister of Mirai Sakura.



  • Her voice portrayal by Yuka Imai was hidden during the episode's credits until Dokkan Ep. 50.
  • According to concept artwork, the Queen was originally planned to own a cat. However, it was dropped during series production.


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