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*[[Witch Frog Town]]
*[[Witch Frog Town]]
*[[Witch Kindergarten]]
*[[Witch Kindergarten]]
*Magic Research Center
*[[Wizard World]]
*[[Wizard World]]
*[[Cursed Forest]]
*[[Cursed Forest]]

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The Witch World (魔女界 Majokai) is a mysterious realm completely separate from the human world and is home to witches.


The Witch World is a dimension that appears phantasmagorical in its literal twisted geography. Some places are bright and colorful, while others are gloomy and dark. It is a vast and wide world, and like the human world includes shops, houses, special tourist spots, and more.

Demography and Biodiversity

The largest demographic population that resides in the Witch World are witches, a female only race, but various other sentient species live here as well, some of which having legal personhood like witches. For example Hachitarou and Surumeko, an octopus and a squid, are intelligent enough beings with legal personhood that they run a business, can cast some level of magic, and are able to enroll their daughter Atarimeko into Witch Kindergarten, despite Atarimeko not being a witch herself.

The plant life has a wide variety of characteristics and intelligence from rabid monsters to regular flowers, or trees that resemble brooms to Sneeze Grass which can grow legs to run away from potential predators.

For both local residents and witch apprentices that travel to the Witch World, there is a guide book that is available if needed for basic knowledge of the Witch World's flora, fauna, and locations.



In terms of lifestyle, most witches tend to be nightowls and sleep until the afternoon. They only set their alarms and get up early in the day for the few special entertainment events they have, such as the Level 4 for witch apprentices which occurs annually in autumn.

The main written language that witches use are music notes, however, since it doesn't have a spoken form many witches are multilingual in various languages spoken by humans. Some businesses restaurants are shown to have signs and menus in music notes, while others in languages like English or Japanese.


Originally the witches, wizards, and humans all lived together in a peaceful, harmonized world. But after a lot of bad luck and disease began spreading, the witches were blamed for committing terrible acts; so with no other choice, they fled to a private realm to call their own.

Majo Tourbillion then separated the two worlds and put a curse on every witch. If a human ever discovers a witch's true identity, the witch would immediately turn into a frog.

Sometime later, the King of the Wizards lost in a card game with the Queen of the Witches, resulting in the witch world gaining huge amount of territory, while the wizards losing their, and unfortunately the fertility of their land along with it.




  • In the English dub Magical DoReMi, it is referred to as the Lunaverse.
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