Yuji Sagawa is a classmate of the ojamajo and a member of the SOS Trio. After the first two seasons, he is in class with HazukiAiko and Onpu


He is part of the SOS Trio with his best friends, Toyokazu Sugiyama, Yutaka Ota, and eventually Jun Sato (who replaces Sugiyama). Yuji is a young man who loves comedy and making jokes. But the SOS Trio happens to be bad at it, much to everyones annoyance. He is generally a nice boy but tends to lash out at those he may feel inferior towards or generally be angry with.  


Yuji is a tan-skinned young man with caramel-colored eyes and light brown, spiked hair. He is noticeably shorter than most of his male classmates. He wears a loose, forest-green T-shirt with lines of yellow at the shoulder and neck, and two lines at the bottom of his shirt, one yellow and one orange. He also wears baggy, dull pink-gray pants with very dark teal flats with white bottoms. 


Yuji is a playful boy who tends to tease, make fun, or pick on others, usually with no ill-will. Like his friends, he does not like to be made fun of and maybe a little impatient or easy to get an attitude if mocked. While he loves comedy, he is like any other boy and also happens to enjoy sports, and has a crush on Onpu

Yuji may also like Naomi Okuyama, a girl he angrily mocked and made cry after she teased him over how short he is. Hinting that he may suffer from an inferiority complex when it comes to his height. 


  • Yuji's last name Sagawa, is a single letter different from Segawa, Onpu's last name.


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