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Yume (Alias: Yume Sakura) is a new character introduced in Ojamajo Doremi 17. She is a full-blooded witch who is unaware of her true identity and lives in Paris, France, being raised by Mirai Sakura.


When twin sisters are born from the Blue Rose, the younger one is sent to live with humans in order to avoid conflict over the throne. As Hana-chan's younger twin sister, she does not know of the Magic World.


Although not much is known about Yume, she appears to be sensitive and keeps to herself, and her short hair often leads her to be teased. She is sweet and gentle, but deep down she has always had a feeling that she was different from other human girls. 


Yume loosely resembles Hana. Originally she had short hair that framed her face in a loose bob, and her bangs are cut at the center of her forehead. She was normally seen in her uniform top and skirt, paired with loafers and striped stockings.

In another image, she appears older and vaguely resembles Fami, having thigh-length hair worn loose with messy bangs. She wore a jacket or long-sleeved top with a ruffled skirt, flats, and knee-socks.


A witch named Majolebourg encountered Yume being born from the witch queen rose. Due to her old age and signs of mental related problems, she and Yume moved to a nursing home in Cannes. About two months before Doremi and Hana-chan went to paris, Majoavenir visited Cannes and met Majolebourg and Yume, then offered to raise Yume since she's been in the human world for much longer. Yume left with her new mother and they went to Paris, France.

Another witch, Majocolette (friend of Majolebourg and teacher of Majorika) went to visit her friend and learned about Yume and what went down.

Currently, Yume is being raised in Venice, Italy. Doremi and Hana-chan were told to wait until Yume was twelve because she thought it would be the best time to reveal everything to her. However, unable to wait any longer, they transformed themselves into dogs in order to see her in private.


Yume - means Dream.


  • Yume is the second sibling introduced to one of the main characters.
    • However, unlike Pop she is actually a twin. 


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