Yutaka Kashiwagi was a boy of the day Doremi fell in love with while visiting Hazuki at her family's villa. She met him while he was playing tennis and asked to play around with Aiko. Tamaki also developed feelings for him, but in the end, it turned out he really liked Aiko.


Yutaka is a sweet, but very bashful boy whose family lives nearby and owns a Blueberry farm.


As stated, Yutaka is a very sweet young man who loves to play tennis. However, he is very shy when it comes to romance and pretty much like Doremi. He falls in love frequently, but always screws up or something bad happens. Such as one time when a girl clapped erasers over one girl he was confessing to or one time when something hit him hard enough that it knocked him into the pond nearby. Due to this Yutaka has tried to get into good luck charms in hopes of improving himself and give him more courage.

Yutaka is very talented but after playing against Aiko, he developed feelings on her. He was unaware of Doremi's own budding feelings and had incidentally led her on, leading to her depressive feelings once he admitted it. However, Aiko turned him down because she claimed: "he couldn't get his jokes".


Yutaka has tan skin and grayish-green eyes. His hair is a dark green-black color, and he was normally depicted in a gray shirt with green shorts, pale yellow socks, and blue themed sneakers.

Yutaka also had a blue sports jacket.


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